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(ages 15 and younger)

Wet Paintbrushes

I usually do individual lessons with younger students, because they usually need more one on one help.

I teach everything from the elements of art to calligraphy classes.


For the elements of art lessons, I go through the 7 elements of art, so that your child has a strong art foundation. Each lesson includes fun lessons that leave your child feeling like the artist they are. We will be using pastels, watercolors, markers, ink, acrylics, and more. 

All lessons include all of the needed supplies.

Lesson options:

  • Individual lessons are $30 each or you can save by buying a package of lessons.

  • 7 lessons $175 ($25 each -a savings of $35)

  • 15 lessons $25 each - a savings of $75)



An individual calligraphy class is approximately 2 hours and is $45. Each class includes a take home guide and all of the supplies needed. I wanted to include supplies, so that you’re not having to run around and hunt for them. Your child will be able to take home their supplies, so that they can continue to create, long after the lesson.

With calligraphy, I usually start with a cursive lesson ($20) if the child has not had instruction in this or if the knowledge is still shaky. A big part of calligraphy is forming the letters correctly. I created a fun cursive guide for beginners. At the lesson, I’ll go over the basics of calligraphy and lettering. I’ll also cover the most confusing letters and let them take home the packet to practice during the next week.  I like to call it, “fun homework.” If they’re like me, I really enjoy practicing.

Most of my individual lessons are taught in my home (usually after school between 3:30-6), but I can also come to you. I will do my best to work with you and your schedule.

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